Can a support order be modified?
All support orders in Domestic Relations (DRS) are based on statewide support guidelines which are issued by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

Either party can file a Petition for Modification of an existing support order at any time that a party believes that a substantial change of circumstances has occurred. If you think the circumstances have changed in your case and you want a conference scheduled in DRS, you can:

  • Come to DRS during regular business hours. DRS staff will assist you in filing a Petition for Modification.
  • Call DRS. A customer service representative can mail the form to you to fill out, sign and return to DRS.
  • Go to the Pennsylvania Child Support Program Website. Registered users on this site can file their petition for modification electronically using the E-Services feature.
  • Contact your attorney.

If you are not sure whether to file for modification of your support order, you can:

  • Contact your attorney.
  • Go to the Pennsylvania Child Support Program Website for information in the Child Support Handbook. The Child Support Website also has a support estimator if you want an estimate of your child support amount.
  • Review the PA Rules of Civil Procedure – copies are available in the Lancaster County Law Library located in the Lancaster County Courthouse at 50 North Duke Street in Lancaster. The Rules are also available online at

Once a Petition for Modification is filed in DRS, a conference will be scheduled. Notice of the date, time and location of the conference will be mailed to all parties. Parties filing for modification of the support order should be aware that after information is presented, the support order will be modified in an appropriate manner based on the support guidelines.

If parties reach an agreement to modify a support order and do not want to have a conference, the parties may appear together in DRS during regular business hours. Before preparing an agreement for the parties to sign, the Conference Officer must calculate what a support award would be under the statewide support guidelines – this is a requirement of the child support program to make sure that the agreement is entered with full disclosure and informed consent. Parties should bring with them information about their income, any child care costs or health insurance premiums.

  • DRS Conference Officers will also mail agreements for your convenience. To request an agreement by mail, parties must complete and return the attached form - Request for Modification Agreement – to DRS. DRS will prepare the agreement you request and mail it to you with a copy of the guideline calculation based on the information you provide.

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